Professional Window Tinting

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Below are some of the questions that Tint my Ride staff get asked frequently:

Q. How long will you need my car for?

Every vehicle is different but on average your vehicle is needed for approx half a day

Q. Will I be able to wind my windows down straight away?

We recommend that you do not use your windows for at least 4-5 days after
the film has been applied. this is to give the glue time to set.

Q. Will you be able to see the film on my windows?

No. As we use only the highest quality film and all windows are tinted right to the
edges it will look like a factory tint straight from the manufacturer.

Q. How long will it take the film to cure properly?

Although all standard window films will normally take 4-5 days to reach working hardness,
it will normally take 30days to cure completely, although external conditions such as humidity
and temperature affect the curing time of the films.

Q. Can I wash the outside of car after tinting?

As the film is applied on the inside of windows you can do whatever you want to the outside of your vehicle.