Professional Window Tinting

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Window film comes in different colours and shades with different levels of light transmissions to satisfy acceptable legal tint levels, while still providing a custom look. You can choose from a variety of high performance films.

Tint my ride use the finest imported window films from the United States. We use a classic range of window films, which offers the following:

Every one of the classic range offer the following features and benefits:

Features and Benefits

  • Provides improved privacy
  • Cuts excess summer solar heat through the glass, which helps to maintain lower internal temperatures easing the load on vehicle air conditioning, thereby reducing energy costs
  • Cuts glare down, reducing eyestrain
  • Blocks over 99% of harmful UV radiation, reducing fading
  • Adds value and enhances visual appeal of your vehicle
  • Adds additional protection with regards to safety and security
  • Protected by a patented scratch resistant coating, tougher than any other in the market, for long-term durability and easy cleaning

Typical film structure

Non – Reflective films picture showing the films structure

  • A release liner
  • B adhesive with UV absorbers
  • C clear or tinted polyester with UV absorbers
  • D metallised aluminum
  • E clear polyester
  • F scratch resistant coating

Window Films Available

  • 35% Light Smoke
  • 20% Medium Smoke
  • 5% Limo Black